You Belong At World Black Belt Center!

 Our staff works with our students to help them improve not only in Martial Arts, but also at school and home. Disciple, respect, and confidence are key at our dojang. 

 We are a professional school that works with all our students to help them achieve their goals. We have a variety of classes built upon a students age and belt level. Students will work in a safe and fun environment with our Masters, Instructor, and Assistants to build skills for a lifetime. Join our trial lesson to begin your incredible journey into Martial Arts with us here at World Black Belt Center.

Beginner Program

Ages 5 ~12 Our beginner kids and children classes work on developing a strong solid foundation in the basics of Taekwondo. Our Masters and Instructor train our students in a fun and healthy environment, while also helping instill focus, confidence, and teamwork skills.

Intermediate & Advance Program

Ages 5~12 Once a students martial arts foundation has been built up our staff will determine when to move a student into one of our more advanced classes. In our intermediate and advances classes we push our students to reach their personal goals in a more challenging level.

Teenager & Adult Program

13 Years Old and Above Join our teenager and adult classes to be apart of a team. Try martial arts and improve your endurance, flexibility, and speed all while obtaining skills for your life. There are many physical and mental benefits to being in a martial arts! eginner Program